Brides maid Hairstyles 2016

This article is about Brides maid Hairstyles. I remember when I was planning my own wedding hairstyle – I had no choice, because the average woman who owned the bridal shop where I bought a ridiculously expensive designer clothes I told him at least 10 times, “You should wear your hair because you do not have your neck!” In Eastern Europe imperious accent, he made the point, and I do not want to be the bride’s neckless.

But what I found since I got married and became a wedding planner is that the wedding hairstyle trends in the same way as the kind of wedding dress and do tacky decor. As usual, half of that shown in bridal magazines show hair, wedding gift. Their acrobatic architectural styles and aerodynamics are not real bride really want them in over their heads when they go to the altar.

Some women have always portrayed her hair up or down, depending on whether they want to want to wear the tiara, veil, flowers or developing coiffure pins above them. But some brides have no idea what they want to do. This method bridal salon to sell so expensive accessories for brides sucker when they see themselves in their chosen dress. More budget-conscious brides buy things for themselves if they do not fall in love with a clerk proposal.

I have seen some strange hairstyles and stunning at almost 500 weddings, but for the most part, wedding hair on one of the following five general styles:

1) smooth hair. It seems more hair woman tougher style she wants her wedding day. As someone who does not have natural curls, I never understood how a woman might want her hair broke directly in line with the iron, and then immersed in a possible (and difficult) tight beam or hairstyle. In recent years, many spits all wound together in elegant combinations differ are super popular. The most important thing for these girls seems to know that when it’s beautiful hair will not move!

2) The more the better. Often wedding hair wedding reflects its origins. Women from Texas and south generally wear your hair longer and bolder than the other bride. I have a girl who had a big and curly hair on his ceremonies, with orchids hidden behind the ear. As the night wore stylish continues to tease him higher and wider and add more interest everywhere. At the end of the evening, you can not say if the bride will or will from all sides.

3) Half up half down the most popular, albeit in different ways. It can be simple or complex in weaving, or may include complex pins and clips POWER added and brilliance. Some prefer to wear style sausage curls on the ground in a veil, and clean them a bit and restyling after the curtain came. Others go for a long time to see directly behind, but something exciting and elaborate hair styles above.

4) Charged aside. Elegant, sophisticated and popular, many brides wear their hair in one direction or another, with or without parts. Usually held in place with a pin or hairpins amazing. Not every woman can wear her hair to the side, and not everyone should. Wholesale does apparently first to fall when it is time for the bride to really enjoy dancing.

5) Take the hair in a box. At least a third of my clients bring cutting or clip hair extensions to add style to the big wedding day. This is not surprising, given that enlargement, in general, is very popular these days – many women want more charm and more shortcuts to work for a hairstyle that will be photographed more than the hair never wear. There is nothing wrong with using the hair for you, but remember to check it in advance and make sure you have enough of what you need if you are married cosy place.

Brides maid Hairstyles

Brides maid Hairstyles

I would be remiss if I did not mention the bride who feels like one of those hairstyles that really positive enough for the big day in their lives. Some stayed on the court hairdresser to change “makes the ceremony and reception Miscellaneous repeated with a friend who gifted If this is something that is important to you, go for it, but you are wasting precious moments of your wedding reception dress do it quickly so you do not miss your party.

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