Kids hairstyles for wedding

Kids hairstyles for wedding ceremony and reception. You envision yourself gliding down the aisle, your future husband smiling at the sight of you walking towards him. You see your close family and friends enjoying their time, remarking about how beautiful the ceremony was and how the reception is wonderful. Then you hear 15 screaming kids running across your dance floor tackling each other into your cake. Planning on having children young and old at your wedding? You’ll want to pay attention to these helpful tips, they might just save your big day from kid destruction.

First, you need to have a section just for them that’s separate from the rest of the reception. Kids many times can’t sit still and can’t keep focus, so if you have a section just for them with toys and food they will like they will be more pleasant. Consider having wedding placemats that they can colour on, or hire an entertainer just for them. A clown, caricature artist or magician will be sure to entertain the little tots while you’re going to your first dance and bouquet toss. Many of you guests, who are parents to these kids will thank you too, this gives them the chance to have a good time and not have to worry about what their kid might be doing.

Kids hairstyles for wedding

Kids hairstyles for wedding

Think about dividing dinner into two, kids and then adults. Most children are ready to eat and then leave the table. So it’s a good idea to feed the kids first, and then let the adults eat. Just because adults enjoy lingering over a five-course meal and the kids will not. Once the kids are done eating move them on to another activity. Most catering companies offer children’s meal at a discounted price too, this should help in lowering the final bill.

Have a place for the kids to work on some crafts. Nothing that will destroy their outfit, but simple crayons and paper crafts can keep them occupied. You can keep their attention even longer if you offer prizes for a colouring contest. Or have them design their very own cards for the new bride and groom.

If you’re going to have really young children at the wedding, chances are they’ll be asleep way before the evening is even over. Knowing this before hand you can anticipate their fatigue and provide them with a place to nap quietly and comfortably.

Young children aren’t the only ones to think of when planning your wedding reception. Consider how many teens and preteens you will have at your wedding. Many kids in this age group won’t cause a seen, but they also won’t get into the festivities completely. Consider have a seating area for them with food and drink they appreciate. Call this area The Cafe and have it set up with chairs, tables, sofas, a coffee machine, board games, have their type of music playing and magazines. Serve finger foods that they will like such as pizza bites, chicken fingers, chips and salsa or mini blts. Assign a member of the wait staff to work in The Cafe to make sure things run smoothly.

It doesn’t take much but a little creative brainstorming to come up with stellar ideas for kids and teens to do during your wedding reception. If you take some of our ideas and apply them to your individual setting, all of your guests–adults and kids– are sure to enjoy every aspect of your wedding. Not only will they all have a good time, but they’ll appreciate the extra lengths you went through to keep everyone comfortable and happy.