Latest Short Hairstyles 2016 You Must Try

Why do women like to have Latest short hairstyles ? The short hair makes a lady look more confident as the long hair add feminine charm to your look. How to style your short hair to look more feminine other than looking pretty enough? How you look in short hair all depends on how you style your short hair. Here, I have rounded up some of the best latest short hairstyles.

latest short hairstyles

Latest Short Hairstyles

New Short Hairstyles

If you want to try a new short hairstyle after getting a new short haircut, here are the top short hairstyles to choose from. Try one of these hairstyles for short hair and get the look accordingly.

Silver Textured Bob Hairstyle

Having sleek silver hair will make you look sleek too. The silver hair color has now become a timeless choice in fact. For a sophisticated look in silver hair, get a long textured bob haircut and it will make you illuminating. The hair falling on ears will help in balancing the broader face shapes smoothly.

Silver Textured Bob Hairstyle

Short Slicked Back Hair

Have you ever tried a slicked back hairstyle? For an ultimate sleek look, this is the hairstyle for your short hair you would definitely love. For adding perfection to your style, make sure that your hairs are not greasy. Also, before you style, iron your hair and get the sleek style.

Short Messy Ringlets

How to look interesting in short hair? An idea is to try a short messy hairstyle for an interesting look. For getting the style, tease your short hair. After this, using a curler; add curls to your hair. Keep on curling and you will get messy ringlets. Get the hairstyle and look interesting effortlessly.

Scarlett Hairstyle

For the wide shape of the face, a hairstyle is needed that could add a lengthening effect. Here is a short hairstyle that is sexy. If your hair color is blonde, brown, or red; you will look even sexier in this new short hairstyle. Also, for short thin hair, it is a good hairstyle as it adds volume to thin hair.

All over Waves

For short hair, an amazing short hairstyle idea for the most adorable look is to have waves all over. Especially, when you have wavy hair; you will be looking really stunning in this style. Get a straight-edge bob haircut and then style your cut into waves all over and get the style.

Short Feathered Bangs

The popularity of bangs cannot come to an end. The bangs add attractiveness to short hair especially. So, the next hair styling idea for a hot look when you have short hair reaching your shoulders is to have short featured bangs with a bob hairstyle. The feathered bangs to a bob haircut will just make you look sexier.

One-length blunts Bob

The versatile short bob hairstyles can be styled in numerous ways. If you like to look simple, an idea is to try a simple bob hairstyle. Iron your hair to get perfectly straight hair after getting blunts one-length bob haircut. Style your hair by parting from the center and get the simple look.

Wavy Layered Bob

If you like bob hairstyle but need to have a new look, a new short hairstyle idea now is to have a layered bob hairstyle when you have wavy hair. The layering will have a lightening effect on hair ends. Part your hair from a side and style them and you will be looking beyond adorable.

Shoulder-Length Beachy Waves

Waves to your hair add a messy look to your hairstyle, the look you all love. For a new hairstyle when going to a beachside, a wonderful hairstyle idea for short hair is to have shoulder-length beachy waves. Get the hairstyle and you will be looking rocking.

Full and Blunt Bangs

Just forget about feathered bangs. Here is something new for you to try. For sleek and straight short hair, an amazing hairstyle idea is to have full and blunt bangs. The latest short hairstyle will add feminine vibe to your look.

These are all latest short hairstyles. Stylish short hair takes some time. If you style your short hair the right way, it will take your style up effortlessly. Try one of these hairstyles and get a new look in a minute.