wedding hairstyles for long hairs

Wedding hairstyles for long hairs have changed from year to year and from decade to decade, but the one thing that never changes is how lovely a bride looks as she walks down the aisle to be by the side of her man. From the short cut hair and elegant wigs of ancient Egypt to the long hair combed back and tied in a knot at the nape of the neck of the demure Chinese women, the hair of the blushing bride is the centerpiece of her vestments. The dress accentuates the up sweep of gentle curls. The veil hides the delicateness of the tendrils, as they frame her face.

Wedding hairstyles for long hairs are very difficult to choose whether it looks cool or not.They show the free spirit of the young maiden as she glides into the halls of matrimony. Popular are flowers worn at the temple instead of the traditional tiara and veil combination. Some long haired darlings will revert to the tried and true up-swept hair style that is guaranteed to be a show stopper on their wedding day. Others will step to the beat of their own drums. In the end, all that matters is that at the end of the aisle the man that they love is left breathless on this most special of days.

Wedding hairstyles for long hairs have changed from year to year and from decade to decade, but the one thing that never changes is how lovely a bride looks

Wedding hairstyles for long hairs

Short haired ladies with dreams of flowing locks need not fret. The advent of lace front wigs allows you to have hairstyles that look so natural that no one would ever know that the hair was not your own. Lace front wigs are worn by celebrities so women can now easily duplicate the looks worn by their favorite celebrity. Each hair is hand stitched into the lace setting making it seem as if the hairs were actually growing straight out of the scalp. Lace front wigs are made from a variety of materials ranging from human hair to synthetic hair. With the human hair wigs, you can dye and heat the strands to create the perfect look. Synthetic wigs are not able to be dyed, but it they do have some advantages. They are better at maintaining color and holding prearranged shape and more often than not, will cost less than that of a human hair wig.

For those that do not want to wear an entire wig, there is always the alternative of hair extensions. Coming in various lengths, colors and styles, the hair extension can give volume to thin hair. Hair extensions can be dyed to match the wearer’s own hair. Extensions also come in the cheaper synthetic versions, but you will need to closely match the color of your own hair as you will not be able to dye it to match, nor will you be able to style it with heat. Taking your time in deciding what you want before going through the time-consuming process of fixing the extensions in place will pay off in the end. With all the choices for your big day, it all comes down to what will make you happy. There are thousands of hairstyles and accessories from which to choose. Taking time to study your options will assure you of a show-stopping gasp from the audience at your Wedding hair styles for long hairs.