Wedding hairstyles for Round Faces

Your wedding is a very special day and you, of course, want everything to be perfect.  In wedding hairstyles for round faces there are so many things to do it can make your head spin.  But, if you allow enough time to really research everything, then you are well on your way.

In this article, I want to address hair.  It is important to get it right because it can make or break the entire look you are trying to achieve.

Wedding hairstyles for Round Faces

Wedding hairstyles for Round Faces

Here are some pointers about hair in general:

-If you are of Asian descent, then the hair strands are round and thicker than all other types of hair with the exception of the redhead who has the thickest hair of all.  Generally, this hair can be easily worked with and is often healthy looking and lustrous if the diet is good.

-If you are of European descent with blonde or dark hair, then your hair strands are thinner.  The strands are round to oval shaped.  This type of hair is easier to curl or straighten.

-If you are of African descent, then the hair strands are flat and that is the reason for the frizz and curl.  This can be the most difficult hair to work with.

Another important factor in wedding hairstyles for round faces is the shape of your face.  Getting the wrong cut for your face shape can be a costly and an agonisingly long mistake, especially when you are getting married.

If you don’t know what the shape of your face is then here are some tips to help you find out.  Get out a measuring tape because there are four places you will need to measure, the length of your face and the width of your face in three places; across the forehead, cheekbones and across the chin.

Wedding hairstyles for Round Faces

Once you have the measurements done, here is what to look for:

– A round face is approximately the same length and width with the widest part at the cheek bones.  Don’t wear short haircuts unless you can sweep it back and have fullness at the top and the hair closer to the ear.  This will give your face more balance. You can wear your hair longer but make sure to keep the fullness at the top and below the chin line.  Keep the hair around your ears close to the face or it will accentuate the roundness.  You want to lengthen the face.

– An oval face is longer than the width and slightly rounded at the forehead and the chin is a bit smaller than the temple.  This face shape can wear just about any hairstyle, long, medium or short.  Most models have this face shape and as you can see they wear all different styles.  This is one of the face shapes that can pull off the slicked back hair.  If you have this face shape then you might want to consider pulling your hair back and wearing your veil under the bun as opposed to the veil coming over the face.

– A rectangular face is long and slender and the forehead and jaw line are about equal (even though the chin may be a bit narrow).  With this shape what you want to accomplish is giving the face a more rounded appearance.  Don’t wear the hair too long and try and get more fullness around the ears and cheek bones.  This shape can wear wispy bangs or be parted at the side.  With the forehead being already high, don’t put too much height on the top of your head and don’t wear it too long.  You don’t want to give your face too much length.  This shape does well with the veil over the face or the veil starting at the top with the fullness being around the ears and cheek bones.

Wedding hairstyles for Round Faces

– A heart shaped face is wide at the forehead and temple and narrows at the chin.  This face shape looks great with chin length hair with wispy bangs or parted at the side.  You want accomplish balance by having your hair fuller under the ears and at the nape of the neck.  A chin length bob is great.  A short veil that is narrow at the crown and gets fuller as it nears the chin and past works well.

– A square face is strong in the jaw and somewhat flat in the forehead.  You don’t want to accentuate the strong lines of the face so you’ll want to add width around the ears, maybe a part in the middle and you want to add height to somewhat elongate the face.  Short to medium hair works well.  If your hair is straight then try out some curl.

Research well ahead of time can save you the agony of a wrong choice.  Find out what you face shape is and start looking at magazines, go online and look at celebrity hair cuts and compare them to your face shape and hair type.  Talk to your hairdresser and discuss photos that you like and what might work best for your wedding hairstyles for round faces

This is your special day so make it perfect!